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The Most Popular Types of Slots Games

If you've been playing online slots for quite some time now, then you may have witnessed how online slots have evolved. Our site top-casino-bonus offers information on all the different types of online slots found today, from the most basic classic slot to other games with complex features.

Evolution of Slot Games

When you go to brick and mortar casino venues, you'll notice that that the populated area is the one for slot machines. Its popularity has already been evident back then, and when it stepped into the online world, its diversity blew to enormous proportions. Classic games back then hosted nostalgic symbols like cherries, bells and sevens Today, symbols, reels, paylines and other features have become more diverse. You'll get to explore themed games based on blockbuster movies like Batman and Tomb Raider. There are also those which emphasizes on animation, mobile gaming and more.

Classic Slots

Even though this game has become incredibly diverse, its classic version has always been a favourite. Whether it be for its straightforward gameplay or the fact classic slots bring back nostalgia to past players, there's no denying that it holds incredible popularity even today. Games on this category are those with simple reels and paylines, with classic symbols such as lucky sevens, bells, cherries and bars. These types of slots are available at all reputable online casinos. We recommend reading this 888casino review by to find out just how you can start playing slots and other casino classics right away. Online casinos such as 888 are licensed and regulated, so you can play knowing that the games are safe and fair.

Video Slots

More often than not, people tend to overlook the difference between classic slots and video slots. Keep in mind that classic games refer more to fruit machines with a basic three-reel structure. Plus, video slots refer to those more advanced type of games. They make use of colourful themed and often include extra features such as wild and scatter symbols and free spins.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

When it comes to prizes, nothing can beat progressive jackpot slots. This type of slot is still popular today, given that it's also the one with the biggest potential for earning. Progressive jackpot slots have their networks around the globe and as more gamblers play the game, prizes keep pooling into jackpot prizes. This jackpot prize can reach millions of dollars and would keep progressing and piling up until one player wins the jackpot.

Features of Online Slots Today

With how innovative this kind of game has become, you would not be able to believe the sheer amount of features you could find in games. You'll get to see features like free spins, wild symbols and even scatter symbols. The wild symbol and scatter symbol are two common features today. The scatter symbol can be exchanged for other symbols, helping players to make a winning combination easier. The wild, however, can assist in completing winning combinations and in some cases it could trigger a bonus feature when 3, 4 or 5 lands on the reels. Finally, the free spin feature is pretty self-explanatory as this means that can enjoy a round of spins without paying any credit to spin.

Casino Bonuses for Online Slots

If you want to start playing and winning real money, taking advantage of bonuses is something you should never forget. Promotions in the market range from no deposit and deposit promotions up to free spins bonuses. You can get them at licensed online casinos when you register an account, or you could also find some bonus codes scattered throughout our site. Make sure that you look through the internet for the right site and make use of as much online slots promotions as possible. This way, you can have fun while ensuring that you are maximizing your winning potential.