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The Gambling Commission of United Kingdom started accepting several applications coming from different parts of the world for licenses in online gambling. The commission had approved the Gambling Act in 2005, and by 2006 more and more licenses were being claimed by different online gaming arrangements. The very first license was handed out in UK in September, 2007. United Kingdom has been very strict about the rules and regulations of online gaming, and it is considered to be the most difficult of all gaming jurisdictions that would receive license form.

It can be said that the gambling laws of United Kingdom are better defined than that of other country. The rules and regulations are precisely states to regulate gambling in the country and to ensure that it gains legal acceptance. This has helped in eliminating confusion for players and has also allowed them to play a fair game with security. Although the laws are strict in certain areas, UK gambling rules allow some of the non-UK websites under the British jurisdiction to operate within the nation. They also provide the necessary license and pursue the gambling standards at an international level. This has helped in increasing the total number of profitable and secure online sites for playing poker, which can be easily accessed by the poker players.

As online poker has been declared as completely legal in United Kingdom, including Scotland, Wales and England, you would be able to play poker at your preferred licensed site. You need not worry about the law or breaking the regulations of the nation. Anyone is now eligible to apply for a typical license to gamble and play poker form the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Test this and start playing online blackjack and poker now.

The UK Gambling Act, 2005 was established to regulate and prevent any form of poker or gambling from encouraging disorder or crime in a nation; to ensure fair play; to prevent exploitation of underage participants. These considerations have been well executed.